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NDIS Supported Independent Living(SIL)

At Southern Star Care, our SIL Services are tailored to your needs as we implement specific processes to fit the requirements of each individual client.
Supported Independent Living
This is accomplished by providing residents with living accommodations and support services that are tailored to their unique aspirations and capabilities.

  • Southern Star Care guarantees that the cost of SIL services will be, at most, the predetermined amount that will be spent each week. This gives individuals the ability to make concrete plans.
  • Locations are adaptable based on your request of living: Here at Southern Star Care, we recognize that individuals have varying requirements in terms of their living arrangements. As a result, we will work with the individual to give a living arrangement that is both flexible and appropriate for their needs.
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL), accommodations are made available by Southern Star Care. These accommodations can take the form of small community group homes, supported flats, villas, or apartments, depending on the individual’s requirements and desired outcomes.
  • Always accepting requests and ready to go: Southern Star Care is always accepting requests and is ready to go to provide individualised SIL services to people who need them.

What is Supported Independent Living (SIL) NDIS?

Supported independent living makes it possible for persons with a disability to live in the comfort and convenience of their homes while receiving the care, support and assistance they need. These may include supervision while performing everyday tasks, including but not limited to taking care of personal hygiene, cooking, exercising etc, as independently as possible.

SIL emphasises developing skills to help maintain a person’s independence. It is ideal for people with higher support needs, who need support and help in their daily routines. Our team at Southern Star Care are highly trained and skilled caregivers who can assist seven days a week. Overnight support services are available as well on request. Supported independent living NDIS makes it possible for persons with a disability to live an independent, dignified and supported life.

Benefits of SIL Services

As the care is given in the comfort of one’s home, the person is familiar with the surroundings and open to seeking help when needed. Here are the expected benefits that Supported Independent Living clients experience:

Upskilling everyday task-related skills, including cooking, bathing, using the bathroom, housekeeping, gardening, laundry etc.
Skill development in personal hygiene maintenance, including brushing, bathing, using the toilet, showering and dressing up.
Becoming familiar with group activities and developing social skills, including working in a team, collaborating with people, social interactions etc.
Improvements in communication skills (verbal and non-verbal)
Support for patients with higher levels of care and support needs, especially during the night.
The supported independent living NDIS gives family members and caregivers a break, allowing them to pursue their personal goals and interests.
Restores a sense of belonging and normalcy as persons with a disability get to ask for help and assistance when needed.
It builds confidence and encourages people to push their limits to try new skills and activities.

Personalised Care Plans

Personalised care plans are an essential part of supported independent living. These plans work as a framework for delivering effective and supportive personalised care. Residents can care for themselves through these plans while accessing professional support whenever needed. These support plans are tailored to meet individuals’ needs, ensuring their goals are always at the forefront of their care journey.

With supported independent living NDIS plans, residents will have consistent care that supports their lifestyle as these plans are developed through open communication in understanding individuals’ specific needs and goals.

As the nature of personal care a person receives is specific to their needs, it also helps them meet certain financial goals. At Southern Star Care, we foster the value of becoming self-sufficient and independently caring for oneself with support that only makes growth possible.

Creating a Comfortable Home Environment

Care that starts from home makes it possible for the person with a disability to seek support and assistance without second thoughts. Through Supported Independent Living, your loved one gets the help and support that improves the quality of their life. The range of services often includes assistance with cooking, bathing, gardening and other activities.

Discuss with your supported independent living NDIS provider to create a plan accommodating the family member’s needs. Creating a comfortable environment at home fosters the willingness to learn new skills and ask for help that adds meaning and a sense of purpose to life.

Southern Star Care’s comprehensive care services include private cooking and cleaning services, companionship, overnight stays, shopping services and support coordination. We believe that your disability should not limit your potential & our team works closely with you to provide care and assistance that makes achieving your goals a positive experience.

Why should I choose Supported Independent Living?

Deciding Supported Independent Living NDIS enables handicapped individuals to live independently with assistance. SIL customises assistance with daily activities to promote confidence and independence. Participants report a much higher quality of life, improved social inclusion and much better well-being. Choose SIL for a personalised mix of support and autonomy.

Support Independent Living FAQs

To be eligible for supported independent living, your current NDIS plan should have allocated funding for supported independent living NDIS. Further eligibility criteria for Supported Independent Living are:

⦁ You must have a permanent disability that impacts your ability to live independently.
⦁ Have documentation indicating that you will need a SIL
⦁ Unable to live alone
⦁ You require 8 hours of support, including overnight support
⦁ You should be able to participate in your care planning

The NDIA will assess your eligibility for SIL. This assessment will be based on the information you provide in your NDIS plan. Individuals with disabilities applying for Supported Independent Living (SIL) may be required to submit a Functional Assessment Report (FAR). This report should detail your disability, support requirements, and capacity to live independently. NDIA will also assess individual circumstances, including the patient’s age, living arrangements requirements and financial standing, before approving your SIL.

A provider that resonates with your disability needs ascertains getting the care and support you need. Southern Star Care is a supported independent living NDIS provider working with you to achieve your goals. Our team of trained professionals are willing to go above and beyond to support and assist you by providing a safe space for you to learn new skills. Choosing the right SIL provider ensures you get the best from your NDIS plan.

Steps to choosing the right provider for your SIL needs:

⦁ Opt for SIL providers with a successful, proven patient satisfaction track record.
⦁ The expertise and specialisation significantly help in achieving your goal of independent living.
⦁ Whether the care providers can accommodate your specific needs and requests
⦁ Their role and alignment with your personal goals and vision
⦁ Whether the services are tailored to your needs and are available at the time when you need them the most
⦁ Care provider’s cultural understanding and sensitivity to creating an inclusive environment

At Southern Star Care, we see you beyond your supported independent living NDIS plans. Speak with us today to explore how we can help you!

Supported independent living NDIS plans primarily focus on supporting daily activities, whereas options like SDA focus on accommodating the physical requirements of individuals.
SIL offers support from trained staff that assist individuals in accomplishing their everyday tasks and goals. On the other hand, SDA offers customised living accommodations to meet the physical needs of a person with a disability.
If eligible, the funding for SIL and SDA will be recorded separately within respective NDIS plans.

Supported independent living is aimed at helping people with a disability to live an independent and empowered life through care and assistance that supports their needs. Commonly offered support provided in a funded independent living NDIS plan are:

⦁ Help with managing money and budgeting
⦁ Support with grocery shopping
⦁ Assistance with cooking and meal preparations
⦁ Help to make use of public transportation on one’s own
⦁ Personal care practices, including bathing and personal care
⦁ Any other type of support specific to a disability

To be eligible for funding for supported independent living, an individual with a disability usually needs to be 18 or older. On rare occasions the NDIS will approve SIL funding for under 18. The NDIS will evaluate the severity of the physical disability to determine the specifics of your supported independent living NDIS plan and funding. Various factors will be taken into account during this assessment, including:

⦁ Current living arrangements and situations
⦁ Everyday support need
⦁ The extent of independent living skills
⦁ Assessment documentation from Allied Health professionals

Yes, people with a disability can choose their own supported independent living provider based on their NDIS funding and needs. Additionally, the residents should be willing to change the supported independent living NDIS provider. If you are unhappy and satisfied with the quality of care you or a loved one is getting, speak with Southern Star Care about your potential. We take great care to ensure that our staff is well-trained and empathetic to provide the support that will help you achieve your goals.

Depending on the extent of your disability and supported independent living NDIS funding, you can personalise your living space to meet the needs of your disability. At Southern Star Care, we want everyone to feel at home. You can personalise your living space to feel comfortable and belonging. Speak with our staff at a supported independent living accommodation to learn more about how you can add a personal touch to your living space.

The NDIA Rural and Remote Strategy was developed and implemented in 2016 to make supported independent living accessible to rural and remote areas in Australia.

Depending on your supported independent living NDIS plan, you can request specific accommodations at a location that allows you to live near family and have easy commute accessibility.

A participant’s support needs can change over time, making it essential for the type of support they receive to evolve. Transitioning from a different accommodation type to supported independent living is possible by meeting eligibility criteria.

Through supported independent living NDIS plans, you can receive the proper support and funding to transition smoothly. Contact Southern Star Care at (03) 7022 6778 to understand how our team can help you make a smoother, hassle-free transition.


Southern Star Care are always nice. They are very professional, and the staff treat me with the outmost respect.

– T.S

.I can’t thank Southern Star Care enough. They have never let me down, and their support workers have created such a bond with my two daughter.

- C.W

Having worked for different NDIS providers, this organization is always trying to see how they can meet the needs of their clients to the point the director goes out of his way to support clients when there is no support worker available. Also, they're always impacting skills of their support workers via in-house training.

- M.M

Passionate, driven and determined staff, wanting to improve the life of others within the NDIS sector. Great provider to work with that really focus on quality of care, which is proven on a daily basis Will be recommending!

- J.P

Based on my experience I can 100% say that Southern Star Care is good for people living with Disability and for those who want to work in this Disability support industry.

- P.D