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Disability Support & High-Intensity Care Services

High intensity support involves working with participants who require more specialised, health-related support.

High intensity support involves working with participants who require more specialised, health-related support.

High Intensity Supports

Our Approach to Disability Support and High-Intensity Care

Your individual needs keep our disability support workers motivated to provide care that is personal and directed towards your growth. We have been working closely with broader communities to ensure proper care and support is available to everyone. Our services evolve with your needs and truly reflect who we are. We are committed to upgrading our fundamental processes to provide comprehensive support and care. At Southern Star Care, we work with you to create a lasting impact.

We have taken the responsibility to train our staff to be empathetic and thorough with the care they provide. Whether it is high-intensity care or everyday support for independent living, we aspire to create a positive difference in the lives of those associated with us. We work beyond your NDIS plans and help you achieve your goals.

If you are looking for services that help you unlock independence and self-sufficiency, it is time to speak with us!

Multiple and Complex Needs Initiative (MACNI)

Multiple and Complex Needs Initiative The Multiple and Complex Needs Initiative (MACNI) is a program within the Department of Health and Human Services. 

The model provides intensive services to clients with multiple layers of complexity who frequently experience mental health concerns, substance use issues, acquired brain injury, disability, homelessness and involvement in the criminal justice system. 

We work closely with clients, the department and care teams to ensure our clients can improve their quality of life.

Complex Needs Expertise

At Southern Star Care, we offer unparalleled complex needs expertise for individuals with specific support needs. Our team can take care of high-intensity care with a specialised care approach. We possess an in-depth understanding of the real-time challenges associated with a condition and are always taking steps to ensure we are prepared to take necessary steps and actions. Our comprehensive support addresses immediate needs along with long-term needs.

We work closely with you and your family to understand the nature of your disability and curate plans to provide care and support that aligns with your goals. Committed to delivering solutions, our disability support worker team can provide medical care, social interactions, cleaning and maintenance through specialised care and attention.

Compassionate and comprehensive care is the core of our training, and we are driven by the motive to create lasting positive impacts in people’s lives with our assistance, support and complex needs expertise. Our services cover care for children with a disability, aged care and disability and complex health needs requiring mental health and well-being support. We understand that not every disability is the same, and our services at all points reflect this belief.

24/7 High-Intensity Assistance

If your family member’s disability prevents them from doing basic everyday activities, they constantly need high-intensity care. It is time to speak with Southern Star Care. Our highly trained staff possess the expertise to take care of high-intensity assistance arising due to a disability, a chronic health condition or progression of old age.

The range of support can vary, from assistance with maintaining personal hygiene and cooking to 24/7 assistance with supported living. Our expert disability support workers often perform home modifications and specific medical attention. We believe that expert care can help bring improvements, enabling a person to bloom. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver compassionate and comprehensive care that is tailored to improve an individual’s health and well-being.

Through NDIS specialist disability accommodation and supported independent living support options, we aim to make specialised care more accessible. Our experts are available 24/7 in accommodations. You can also request overnight stay services depending on when assistance is required the most. We take precautions while providing care to keep dignity and independence intact. Take a step closer to achieving your goals and living with assistance services tailored to make you feel better daily.

Emotional and Mental Health Support:

Psychosocial disability often arises due to mental health issues and needs special care and support during and after the treatment. If not treated on time, mental health conditions can make it difficult for a person with a disability to lead an everyday, healthy life.

Through emotional and mental health support, our disability support workers aim to deliver compassionate services, including companionship, personal hygiene and care, medical aid, home care, overnight stays and 24/7 care support. These services aim at helping a person with a disability to set goals and follow them through small, supported and appreciated practices.

Our trained staff provides assistance that helps in getting an education, taking care of oneself, getting and maintaining a job and being able to interact in social settings. Suppose you or a loved one has mental health issues due to a long-term psychosocial impact. In that case, our staff can take care of them through regular assessment and evolving services depending on the improvements and challenges they are experiencing.

Rest assured that at all times, your well-being is our priority. At Southern Star Care, through our high-intensity care services, we aim at putting people with a disability at the forefront of achievement in social situations, personal growth and developing skills to maintain a normal lifestyle.


Southern Star Care are always nice. They are very professional, and the staff treat me with the outmost respect.

– T.S

.I can’t thank Southern Star Care enough. They have never let me down, and their support workers have created such a bond with my two daughter.

- C.W

Having worked for different NDIS providers, this organization is always trying to see how they can meet the needs of their clients to the point the director goes out of his way to support clients when there is no support worker available. Also, they're always impacting skills of their support workers via in-house training.

- M.M

Passionate, driven and determined staff, wanting to improve the life of others within the NDIS sector. Great provider to work with that really focus on quality of care, which is proven on a daily basis Will be recommending!

- J.P

Based on my experience I can 100% say that Southern Star Care is good for people living with Disability and for those who want to work in this Disability support industry.

- P.D