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NDIS Support Coordination

NDIS support coordination plays a crucial role in helping you make the most of the available support in your NDIS plan. If you are an Australian citizen with one or more disabilities, support coordination allows you to live more independently, become an active part of the local community, and build meaningful relationships with new people.

At Southern Star Care, we have several registered support coordinator NDIS professionals who can help you better understand your NDIS plan and options, access available services, build capacity for greater independence, and work creatively to achieve your personal goals. If you have Capacity Building funding in your NDIS plan, you can take advantage of support coordination from your NDIS provider.

How We Can Help?

Within the NDIS, there is a growing demand to be able to help those that are restricted both physically and cognitively. Through our Allied Health and Wellbeing services, we can assist those who are limited in movement and functionality, but also help improve their overall strength to help assist their daily tasks.

No goal is a challenge for us, as we create programming and tailor this to help achieve the goals of an individual, in order to help improve their quality of life.

With specificity being one of the main focuses, we will do what we can to help improve our clients capacity, to see them grow, smile and bring back the feeling of not feeling restricted.

Levels of Support Coordination

The exact provisions of the support coordination may vary depending on the needs of individual participants. When it is included in plans, the NDIS support coordination operates on three levels:

  1. Support Connection:
    At this level, the support coordinators help you connect with support options – helping you take full advantage of your available plan.
  2. Support Coordination:
    The support coordinators, at this level, help you understand and implement the plan. This ensures you use the right balance of support.
  3. Specialist Support Coordination:
    This support level is meant for NDIS participants with more complex requirements. The coordinators help participants overcome challenges in the support environment.

From helping you find accommodation with community access to helping you understand the optimum usage of your plan – support coordinators play a crucial role in making your life more fruitful.


Southern Star Care are always nice. They are very professional, and the staff treat me with the outmost respect.

– T.S

.I can’t thank Southern Star Care enough. They have never let me down, and their support workers have created such a bond with my two daughter.

- C.W

Having worked for different NDIS providers, this organization is always trying to see how they can meet the needs of their clients to the point the director goes out of his way to support clients when there is no support worker available. Also, they're always impacting skills of their support workers via in-house training.

- M.M

Passionate, driven and determined staff, wanting to improve the life of others within the NDIS sector. Great provider to work with that really focus on quality of care, which is proven on a daily basis Will be recommending!

- J.P

Based on my experience I can 100% say that Southern Star Care is good for people living with Disability and for those who want to work in this Disability support industry.

- P.D